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About Kayak Dubrovnik Team

We’re here to bring you to that state of mind where everything just feels so…easy. And it’s easy for us to do that, since we are just that – easy going. We live and breathe kayaking.

We are Dubrovnik women & men born and bred, with a lifetime experience in marine activities, tourism, culture and history of our town.  Our tour leaders are some of the most experienced in the field and they delight in sharing their local knowledge and insights with the group. They’ll get you to places that only locals know in a way that’s best for you.

We are great advocates of taking time to absorb, enjoy and savour the experience.

Our passion lies in the beautiful landscapes of Dubrovnik Old Town and marine world; where kayaking in the middle of the Adriatic sea shows the true beauty of our hometown. 

With our life-time experience comes an unparalleled passion, dedication and ambition to provide the most immersive kayak experiences. We are proud of our small group tours, and love sharing the beauty of Dubrovnik with you, our travellers.

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